Gum Disease, Gingivitis

Gum Disease Treatment in Manhattan, NYC

Gum disease (or periodontal disease) is a common condition that affects nearly half of the adult population at some point in their lives. Fortunately, Park South Dentistry near Central Park South offers comprehensive and personalized treatments to help you conquer gum disease. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing the best care for your oral health and putting a stop to painful gingivitis symptoms. Contact us today to learn how we can help you manage your gum disease and improve your overall oral health!

What Causes Gum Disease?

Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is a condition where the gums become inflamed due to bacteria and plaque accumulation. When left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss and other serious dental issues. The primary cause of gum disease is poor oral hygiene, such as not regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. Other factors that can contribute to gum disease include smoking, certain medical conditions such as diabetes, and genetics. A diet low in essential vitamins and minerals can also lead to gingivitis, as these nutrients help to keep your gums healthy.


Gum Therapy?

At Park South Dentistry, we offer gum therapy to help patients with gingivitis and gum disease. This treatment involves a deep cleaning of the teeth that goes below the gumline to remove plaque and tartar buildup. The goal of this therapy is to restore your gums to a healthy condition and prevent any further damage to the gum tissue or bone. More than one treatment may be necessary to treat your entire mouth, but the results are well worth it for a stronger oral structure and improved dental health.

Gingivitis Symptoms

Gingivitis is an early-stage form of gum disease, typically caused by poor dental hygiene. It’s often painless and can go unnoticed, but if left untreated it can lead to more severe forms of periodontal diseases. Common symptoms of gingivitis include:

  • Red, swollen or tender gums
  • Gums that bleed easily, especially when brushing or flossing
  • Chronic bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth
  • Receding gums or longer appearing teeth
  • Tooth pain or increased sensitivity to temperature changes

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t fret. Early intervention with better at-home care, professional cleanings, and gum therapy can reverse gingivitis and give you your smile back.

Maintaining Healthier Gums

Gum disease is completely preventable with proper oral hygiene. Here are a few simple tips that will help keep your gums healthy and disease-free:


  • Brush twice daily: You probably saw this one coming, but it’s hard to understate the results. Brushing once in the morning and before bed removes plaque and bacteria before it can spread and cause problems.
  • Floss between teeth: Bacteria can easily hide away between teeth where a brush can’t reach. Flossing removes food particles that bacteria feed on in these areas to support better gum health.
  • Rinse with mouthwash: An antimicrobial mouthwash is a beneficial step to kill remaining bacteria. We recommend choosing alcohol-free options as alcohol can potentially dry out the mouth, reducing its ability to self-clean throughout the day.
  • Don’t neglect professional cleanings: Regular cleanings twice a year are essential for a healthy smile. Plaque and tartar are given special attention and you’ll have a careful eye out for the earliest, easiest to manage symptoms of gum and tooth diseases.

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Reverse Gum Disease at Park South Dentistry

Gum disease may start small, but can spread quickly if left alone. Our team is here to take care of your dental needs with comprehensive solutions for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. With state-of-the-art technology combined with our compassionate staff, you can trust us to provide relief from gum disease and gingivitis. Call us today at (212) 355-2000 or contact us online to learn how we can help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile!