Scaling & Root Planing

Scaling & Root Planing in Jamaica Estates, NY

Are you struggling with bad breath and gum disease? Do you feel embarrassed or self-conscious around other people due to a mouth odor that won’t disappear? Scaling and root planing (SRP) can help. At Jamaica Estates Dental, our dentists recognize the importance of maintaining your smile and trust our commitment to providing quality care from skilled professionals. Jamaica Estates Dental uses scaling and root planing to control the bacterial build-up that triggers terrible breath and gum disease. SRP is a non-surgical, general dentistry procedure that can help restore your oral health and confidence.

Address Bad Breath

Bad breath can negatively impact self-confidence and social interactions. Scaling and root planing can address this common yet challenging issue. Removing germs from below the gum line and smoothing out rough tooth roots minimizes the opportunity for bad breath-causing bacteria to flourish. Jamaica Estates Dental aims to improve oral health and boost patients’ confidence and overall quality of life. Don’t let bad breath hold you back. Consider scheduling a scaling and root planing appointment today.

Reverse Gingivitis

If you’re starting to deal with symptoms of gum disease, regular periodontal cleanings are your first line of defense. Gum disease is caused by a bacterial infection in your gums, which can eventually lead to damage and tooth loss. During scaling and root planing, one of our skilled dentists will use professional tools to sanitize deep gingival pockets that form as infected gum tissue begins to separate from the tooth roots.

Scaling and root planing can significantly reduce, if not reverse, gingivitis symptoms. This treatment effectively lowers gum inflammation and bleeding and provides a clean surface that can better resist periodontal bacteria.

How Scaling & Root Planing Works

This process involves removing plaque build-up and tartar from the surface of the teeth, as well as smoothing out any rough spots on the roots of the teeth. The procedure is often done in halves of the mouth to allow for maximum comfort, with local anesthesia used to numb any discomfort.

Typically, this procedure is performed in two parts:
· Scaling involves the removal of tartar and plaque build-up from beneath the gum line.
· Root planing focuses on smoothing out any rough spots on the surface of the roots.

At Jamaica Estates Dental, we pair classic scaling and root planing with antibiotics. By applying antibiotics directly into the gum pockets, we can eradicate any remaining harmful bacteria and promote gum healing.

Overall, scaling and root planing are highly effective treatment options for those looking to improve the health of their gums and reduce the chances of developing gum disease. By pairing SRP and antibiotics, we can successfully reduce inflammation and prevent further damage to the gums and bone surrounding the teeth.

Schedule Scaling & Root Planing

Bad breath and gum disease are frustrating. Fortunately, Jamaica Estates Dental offers proven treatment options to help combat these issues. Don’t let dental issues go untreated! Get a deeper clean through scaling and root planing today by calling (516) 217-8946 or messaging us. Act now to begin the journey toward a healthier mouth. Your smile will thank you!