Which Floss Is Best?

Did you brush your teeth today but neglect to floss? You just missed nearly 35% of your tooth’s surface by skipping flossing. Unfortunately, up to half of all Americans confess they do not floss their teeth as part of their preventative dentistry routine. According to Delta Dental, “using dental floss each time you brush not only makes your teeth cleaner, it also stimulates gums, polishes tooth surfaces, prevents buildup of plaque and reduces gum bleeding.” If you are not a regular flosser, you may not even realize the many benefits or the different types of floss and their uses. Here are some of the types of floss and what each is best used for:

  • Waxed – A common type of floss that is very strong but can be difficult to use in tight spaces.
  • Unwaxed – Multiple strands of nylon make up this floss. Unwaxed floss is an excellent choice for tightly spaced teeth, but may fray or break easier than its waxed counterpart.
  • Super Floss – This type of floss has stiff ends, which makes it easy to guide through dental implants, braces or bridges.
  • Floss Holder – For younger children or adults with dexterity problems, a floss holder is an excellent option. Floss holders have a Y-shaped plastic tool that holds a thread of floss between its prongs for easy flossing.
  • Irrigation Device – Also known as a “water pik” or water flosser, these devices push streams of water into your mouth for ideal debris flushing from restorative dental work braces. It is important to note that irrigation devices do not remove plaque like traditional floss types.

There are many more flossing options available, including a variety of flavors to suit your preference. Regardless of the type you choose, the best advice is to simply floss.

Park South Dentistry is committed to helping patients of all ages find the most beneficial oral hygiene tools to use at home. Start considering flossing as an integral part of your daily routine instead of an optional dental cleaning habit.

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