When Can Veneers Be Used as Instant Orthodontics?

Porcelain veneers are one of the most remarkable solutions in cosmetic dentistry. In fact, they can be considered like magic as they hide all types of smile imperfections in just two easy appointments. Veneers are wafer thin shells of porcelain that are placed on the front surface of the visible (front) teeth. They can be customized in color, shape and size to create the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

While porcelain veneers can undoubtedly be a solution for discolored, chipped or missized teeth, can they really be the answer for teeth that are crooked? Cosmetic veneers have often been called “instant orthodontics.” They can absolutely be used as a substitute for orthodontic correction – but only in the right situation.

Is Your Dental Health at Stake?
Orthodontics is recommended to straighten crooked teeth, but this doesn’t always mean it is an aesthetic correction. In fact, there is a large risk to one’s dental health if there is overlapping, crowded or crooked teeth. With too many places for plaque, food and bacteria to hide, crooked teeth are more susceptible to decay. Therefore, since veneers don’t actually move your teeth into alignment, they can’t address any risks or issues you may have within your oral health.
Is Your Bite Affected?
Again, veneers are meant to cover up or hide crooked teeth. If your crooked smile is also affecting the way your teeth bite together, you may need braces instead of veneers. Failing to address a malocclusion (bad bite) can result in TMJ problems and much more.
Are Your Teeth Too Crooked?
Veneers may not sit well on top of teeth that are severely crooked or overlapping. In other words, it may not be possible to gain that balanced and perfectly straight smile with veneers if your teeth are angled too far out of line.  In addition, overly crowded teeth can cause adjacent teeth to chip or break – veneers are not designed to prevent this risk.

Veneers May Work for Gaps or Minor Misalignment

If your teeth are only slightly crooked or if there’s an unsightly space between your teeth, veneers can be your instant orthodontics! As long as your bite doesn’t need correction and your dental health is in check, these simple porcelain shells can be an easy and convenient way to makeover your smile for life. No one ever has to know that you have crooked or gapped teeth underneath your pretty white veneers.

Are you a candidate for veneers? Or is orthodontics required to fix your crooked teeth? Only an experienced dentist can tell you the answer. Schedule your consult at Park South Dentistry today. We offer beautiful porcelain veneers as well as the latest treatments in clear braces.

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