What Your Dentist Needs to Know

If it isn’t in my mouth, my dentist doesn’t need to know, right? Wrong. Many believe that “the mouth is the window to your overall health.” There are several health conditions that affect your teeth and gums. You should always discuss any changes in your medical history with your dentist. Here are a few reasons why it is important to disclose health changes with your dentist:

Medications Cause Oral Side Effects
There are certain daily medications that can cause problems in your mouth – from gingival tissue overgrowth to tooth decay. For example, asthmatic patients who use albuterol inhalers are at a higher risk for cavities. Furthermore, your dentist needs to know if you are on a blood thinner and approaching a surgical extraction. In most cases, your dentist can recommend preventive measures such as home fluoride treatment, gingival therapy or more frequent dental exams to avoid oral health problems caused by medicine.
Antibiotic Prior to A Procedure
If you have had a knee joint replacement or heart procedure, you may require antibiotic treatment before undergoing a dental procedure. Park South Dentistry is attentive to patients with other health conditions or prior surgery and will gladly consult with your physician when necessary.
Preventative Measures in Place
Even if it is a simple dental cleaning, your dentist and hygienist need to know about health conditions like seizures, high blood pressure or asthma. In the event you need medical attention during your visit, it is important that your dental team be informed to handle the emergency promptly and correctly. For example, it is a good idea for asthmatic patients to keep their inhaler on the counter for safety. And a dentist needs to be informed of conditions like pregnancy and diabetes since both increase the risk for gum disease and other dental complications.

Because the link between your body’s health and your oral health is so strong, your dentist can often detect signs and symptoms of a health condition that you may be unaware of or one that needs to be controlled better. Taking care of your teeth and gums is essential to keeping your whole body healthy. At your next dental appointment, remember let your dentist know of any changes in your medical history.

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