What To Expect After a Chipped Tooth

Chipped teeth are one of the most common dental injuries. Although your teeth are considered to be the hardest part of your body, they are not invincible. A tooth can chip after biting down on something too hard or during a fall or injury. Since our teeth do not have regenerative powers to heal themselves, a trip to the dentist is often in order. Fortunately, many cosmetic dentists, like those at Park South Dentistry, offer effective solutions to restore your tooth to its natural, beautiful appearance.

As soon as you chip a tooth, it is important to call your dentist right away. Your broken tooth may not be causing pain if the trauma did not reach the nerves or blood vessels. However, ignoring a chipped tooth is a bad idea because once a tooth is damaged, the tooth structure can degrade over time. A small painless chip could lead to gum or nerve damage and become a more complex dental repair.

The procedure your dentist chooses to fix a chipped tooth depends on the type and severity of trauma that caused the fracture. The following options are available:

  • Cosmetic contouring: This is ideal for small chips or fractures. It is a cost-effective, quick and minimally invasive treatment that can smooth out rough edges.
  • Direct bonding: This procedure is also a simple and non-invasive one. Bonding uses composite resin to match your natural tooth color and shape, providing ideal aesthetic results. Bonding can also re-attach a broken tooth piece if you have it.
  • Porcelain veneers: If you have a fracture on an incisor tooth or multiple chipped teeth, this is your best option. With veneers, you should expect a multi-visit process to ensure they have the most precise fit and matched color.
  • Crown: This is usually recommended if the teeth are so badly chipped that insufficient tooth structure remains for contouring or bonding.

A chipped tooth may take you by surprise, but you can rest easy knowing that there are advanced solutions available that can restore your smile back to its natural look quickly.

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