What If My Root Canal Didn’t Work?

A root canal, also known as endodontic treatment, is a time-tested procedure that can save a severely infected or diseased tooth. Root canal therapy involves several steps. First, the diseased pulp from the inside of the tooth is removed. Next, the inner tooth is disinfected and the canals of the tooth are shaped and filled with a special material to seal off future infection. Finally, a crown is placed on the tooth to help it regain strength and integrity. This is a procedure that eliminates infection as well as brings the patient out of severe pain. But what happens if you still have pain after your root canal?

How Does a Root Canal Fail?

Root canals carry a high success rate, but that doesn’t mean they are exempt from failure. Root canal therapy also doesn’t make your tooth invincible to future decay or infection. A skilled dentist as well as your dental hygiene habits are after your procedure are important. If the procedure was performed poorly or if you did not maintain proper brushing and flossing habits, it is possible to experience pain from a lingering infection, new decay or root damage. These outcomes constitute root canal failure.

What is Endodontic Retreatment?

Whether it has been days or years, if you suspect your root canal has failed, it is important to seek a dentist who offers endodontic retreatment. This is a procedure that can “re-do” your root canal and help you avoid extraction.

During endodontic retreatment, the root canals are reopened, filled and sealed again. Usually the crown and other materials must be removed for the dentist to access to the canals. The inside of the tooth is carefully examined for the presence of other canals and unusual anatomy. If the canals are narrow, curved or hardened, we can make an incision close to the end of the root, so that the tip of the root can be sealed. A new crown must also be placed to protect the tooth and restore function.

Call Park South Dentistry!

Park South Dentistry is proud to offer endodontic retreatment. If you are concerned that your root canal is not healing properly or if you suspect new decay/infection, please call our New York office promptly to schedule your appointment.

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