Tooth Decay: Crown Versus Filling

Both crowns and fillings are used to treat areas of tooth decay. Which one you receive will be largely based on how severe your decay is. Regardless of how extensive, it is critical that you seek treatment for a cavity. Ignoring the need for a crown or filling may result in more invasive procedures or even tooth loss. The following considerations will be applied to determine whether a filling or crown should be used to save your tooth.

Does your tooth have minor decay?

A filling is typically the best choice for areas of decay that are small or minor. Most cosmetic dentists use composite resin to fill the tooth after the decayed matter has been removed. Composite resin is a tooth-colored material that is durable and aesthetically favorable. For the majority of patients with cavities, fillings are the chosen treatment.

Is the strength or support of the tooth compromised from decay?

In cases where the decay has caused the tooth to break, lose stability or weaken, a crown should be used. This repairs a tooth that would not have been able to properly support a filling.  A crown is placed as a “cap” over all visible surfaces of the tooth above the gum line.  This helps patients avoid a tooth extraction from more severe decay. A cosmetic crown is made to match your existing teeth in shape, size and color.  It should look natural and preserve the long-term function of your tooth. In addition, a crown is the restoration of choice for a tooth that has recently had root canal therapy.

At Park South Dentistry, we take pride in our commitment to educate patients on their treatment options. We have a full range of restorative and cosmetic dental services, ensuring your smile is restored to both optimal function and ideal beauty. Our office also offers the latest in dental technology so that your dental problems are detected early and treated conservatively.

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