Taking Care of Your Dentures

Only those who have lived with missing teeth can appreciate a brand new set of well-functioning dentures. Removable dentures, partial or complete, are proven as a popular and affordable solution for missing teeth. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, nearly 57% of people aged 65-74 wear dentures.

Once you can eat and smile with confidence again in dentures, you will want to take extra care of them just like any other important investment. Dentures demand their own set of rules to keep them lasting for years to come. Make sure you are following these denture care tips:

  1. Wear them often. This may sound like an obvious suggestion but wearing your dentures as much as possible throughout the day helps to prevent further bone loss.
  2. Rinse after meals. Take the extra minute after eating to remove your dentures and rinse off extra food debris under running water. Neglecting to rinse can cause soft tissue infection.
  3. Protect while you clean. It is advised that you handle your dentures over an area of soft surface, such as a towel, in case you drop them.
  4. Never store them dry. Dentures that are not completely submersed in water while storing them will eventually warp.
  5. Never soak them in hot water. Again, your dentures could potentially change shape and melt in hot water. Even slight changes in size and shape can dramatically affect how your dentures fit.
  6. Use cleaning agents specified for dentures. Your dentist will suggest a toothpaste and cleaning instrument that can clean dentures and partials effectively. Toothbrushes are too abrasive and will damage your dentures or partials. Just like natural teeth, dentures should be cleaned twice a day, with the addition of a cleaning solution throughout the week.
  7. Don’t forget your gums. Giving your gums a break for your prosthetic at night is very important. Also, make sure you are brushing your gums and tongue regularly with a soft toothbrush to keep them healthy.

Park South Dentistry is proud to offer patients partial or full dentures using the Dentca denture system. Any denture patients should consult their dentist immediately if you suspect your dentures are not fitting properly. Today, dentures are very natural looking and well made. However, they are not invincible. Taking care of your dentures properly means you are making the most of your tooth replacement method, a job that will keep you smiling!

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