Preventative Dentistry

At Park South Dentistry, we believe one of the most important parts of dentistry is preventative dentistry. By taking the necessary steps to care for your smile, you can avoid severe damage and decay. Faithfully visiting your dentist every six months and proper at-home care are some of the best ways to maintain a healthy smile for life. We offer many types of preventative care to help keep your smile healthy and strong. For some patients, disease and bacteria is not a worry, but the integrity of their teeth or cancers, or jaw problems are their problem. We offer advanced solutions for these worries and can help you feel more comfortable on a daily basis.

Mouth Guards & Nightguards

If you suffer from teeth grinding at night, we offer custom nightguards that can protect your teeth while you sleep. By constantly grinding your teeth each night, your teeth will begin to weaken and wear down. Teeth grinding can lead to many symptoms including headaches, facial pain, jaw discomfort and toothaches. Our custom nightguards are made to fit comfortably and stay secure while you sleep. And for those who play sports, a professional mouth guard can comfortable keep your smile safe from harm! If you are in need of a custom nightguard or mouth guard in New York, NY, give us a call today! 

Headache Prevention

If you are experiencing constant headaches, it could be caused by malocclusion, also known as a “bad bite.” When your jaw is not aligned properly, it can cause many side effects including continuous head pain as your muscles work overtime to realign the mouth with every movement. By correcting your bite, you could eliminate your head pain and get relief from constant headaches. Some ways that we can correct your bite is by adjusting the cusps of your teeth or relaxing your jaw muscles. If you are suffering from headaches, call today to schedule a consultation! Your dentist can examine your smile and determine the best treatment preventing head pain.

Oral Cancer Screening

As part of our regular check-ups, an oral cancer screening is used to detect early signs of oral cancer. Our team is well-trained and experienced in detecting the signs of oral cancer. It is best to catch oral cancer in early stages so that it can be treated. Oral cancer is a serious concern that can, if left untreated, be lethal. Preventative oral cancer screening can save your life and help you avoid invasive surgery. If you are noticing any abnormalities in the tissues of your mouth, scheduling an appointment with our doctors in New York, NY can help put your mind at ease. 

TMD Treatment

If you have constant jaw pain or stiffness, you could be suffering from TMD, or temporomandibular disorder. TMD occurs when your jaw joint is not working properly, either through misalignment or overworked jaw muscles. Symptoms may include a clicking jaw, headaches, ear pain, dizziness and neck pain. By helping your jaw joint work properly, the symptoms of TMD can begin to improve. Your dentist can check your jaw alignment and jaw joint to see the best type of treatment to get you relief. If you are suffering from symptoms of TMD in the New York, NY area, set up a consultation today! 

If you or someone you love is experiencing any discomfort in your head, neck, or shoulder area, we recommend scheduling an appointment to find out if your pain may be caused by a problem with your bite and jaw. If so, we can help!

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