Dental Implants

Many patients have restored their smiles with the help of dental implants. Replacing your missing teeth can restore your confidence and dental implants are the gold standard solution to tooth loss. Whether you have lost a tooth from decay, damage or injury, dental implants provide a treatment option that can give you back your smile. Made out of durable material, dental implants are composed of three main parts – the post, abutment and dental crown. Gaps left in your smile can result in damage to the rest of your teeth over time. Replacing missing teeth helps maintain your jaw bone structure and also keeps surrounding teeth from shifting out of place.

Restoring Dental Implants

When a tooth is missing, it leaves a gap in your smile. This gap not only affects the appearance of your smile, but also can put your oral health at risk. Surrounding teeth will begin to shift out of place when a tooth is missing and the jaw bone can also begin to deteriorate. By replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant, you not only increase your confidence, but also improve your oral health and save your remaining teeth from further damage. Dental crowns can be used with dental implants and fixed dental bridges to restore one or more missing teeth. Porcelain dental crowns are color-matched to surrounding teeth and custom-made to function like a natural tooth. If you are in need of a dental crown in New York, NY, we welcome you to our office! Our team is ready to help you restore your smile.

The Implant Process

A dental implant is placed one step at a time, allowing your smile to adapt before moving onto the next step. The first step of the implant process is placing the post within your jaw bone, which acts as a tooth root for the dental implant. The area around the post will need some time to heal before the abutment can be attached. The second step in the process is the placement of the abutment. This is the connector that secures the dental crown to the implant post. The final step, the dental crown, is color-matched to surrounding teeth and made to blend in perfectly with your smile. The dental crown is made out of high quality porcelain material and gives your new tooth the ability to function naturally. Unlike other restoration options, a dental implant does not rely on surrounding teeth for support. A dental implant stands alone and, with proper upkeep, is made to last for a lifetime!

If you are interested in dental implants in New York, NY, we can help! Your dentist will examine your smile and give you the best recommendations for treatment. Call today!

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