Why You Need a Full-Service Dentist

The most standard and common type of dental treatment is a preventive checkup for your teeth every six months. This includes a professional cleaning, evaluation of your gum health, x-rays and other preventive services. However, few of us are lucky enough to only need regular dental exams throughout our lifetime. For the majority of patients, other dental needs will arise, ranging from an emergency visit to repair a cracked tooth and TMJ therapy to cosmetic improvements and teeth replacement. Is your dentist able to do it all in one place?

Comprehensive Dental Care Requires a Variety of Specialties

Just like the rest of your body, your teeth may demand more than a dental cleaning and services beyond general dental care. While most general or family dentists offer root canals, fillings and crowns, a full-service dentist also offers more specialized services in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. For example, if your tooth damage was too severe to be repaired by basic dental treatments, you may need an extraction and subsequent dental implant. Using a full-service dentist means that you won’t have to be referred out or start over with your smile repairs under a new dentist.

It is also possible that you will want to consider cosmetic dentistry over the course of time. In fact, cosmetic dentistry can dramatically improve your overall appearance and even make you look younger. It is nice to have access to a full menu of cosmetic dental services at the same office that you trust for your routine care. Many patients would otherwise not be aware of what smile enhancements are available to them, such as teeth whitening, veneers, and more. Lastly, a full service dentist will consider your oral health as a top priority when performing cosmetic procedures.

Benefits of a One-Stop Dental Office

To recap, patients are given valued advantages of choosing a dentist who offers full service dentistry. These include benefits towards their dental health as well as perks towards their convenience and budget.

Choose Park South Dentistry for all your dental needs and gain the following:

  • Optimal convenience, no trips to other dental offices
  • No transfer of records or need for referrals
  • Established and trusted relationship with one dental team
  • Dentist who takes all aspects of your smile into consideration
  • Personalized and comfortable care from an office you are familiar with

Need a New York dentist who can handle all of your oral needs in one location? Call Park South Dentistry today. We offer general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry as well as orthodontics and dental implants!

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