Is It Time To Replace your Dentures?

For those that have a multiple missing teeth, dentures are a life-changing solution. However, dentures are not meant to last forever. In fact, dentures may need to be replaced every 5 to 10 years. The cause for replacement depends on several factors, including the type of dentures you have, jawbone atrophy and your everyday chewing function.

If your dentures are feeling or looking less than par, don’t suffer through it. You may need a denture replacement or even a simple adjustment to ensure your smile is restored to optimal condition. In terms of how your dentures fit, the changes can be subtle so it is important to do a self-check as well as see your dentist periodically.

While some denture problems go unnoticed and are only detectable by your dentist, there are others that are more obvious. Use the following questions to help you determine if new dentures are something you should strongly consider:

Are you using too much adhesive?
If you find yourself needing more adhesive to secure your dentures, it may time to rethink your current dentures. Your dentures shouldn’t need that much help in order to fit snugly. If you are relying heavily on adhesive each day, your dentures may be fitting differently than they used to. Loss of surrounding bone or gum tissues over time can contribute to ill-fitting dentures.
Does your bite feel off?
This is another indication that your dentures are no longer fitting correctly. Have a dentist evaluate whether or not new dentures can correct this. Remember that ignoring a bad or misaligned bite can cause painful jaw symptoms.
Do you have worn teeth?
Your dentures are made of highly durable materials. However, they will eventually show signs of wear. You may notice worn teeth in the back of your mouth, or on certain chewing surfaces. Damaged or worn dentures may need to be replaced to help you avoid bite misalignment, TMJ problems or even the acceleration of jawbone loss.
Are your dentures stained?
One of the best benefits of dentures is the gleaming white smile that is instantly delivered. However, over a period of time, your dentures may fade or discolor due to coffee, tea or other staining agents.

It is critical that you are aware of signs that your dentures need replacement. Poor fitting dentures can not only compromise your appearance and social life, but they can cause disruptive dental problems and prevent you from eating a well-balanced diet. Call Park South Dentistry for excellence in dentures, partial dentures and implant supported dentures. We can determine if you are ready for a replacement set of dentures.

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