Get Tooth Whitening for Life in NYC

How would you like to whiten your smile and keep it that way for life? At Park South Dentistry, our NYC dentist can give you just that!

Professional Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Our professional grade whitening products remove more stains and discoloration than any kit that you can buy at the store. Use the prescription strength gel in a set of custom whitening trays once a day for 7-10 days, and you’ll see dramatic results for a constantly bright smile. Most people find that they only need to touch up their teeth for a few days every three to six months (usually after their cleaning appointment.)

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

You’ll find that whitening your teeth is an easy and straightforward way to jump-start any smile makeover. Not only is professional whitening safe, it can also give you the confidence boost to nail that next interview or turn heads at an upcoming party. People who feel good about the appearance of their teeth are more likely to smile frequently, have more friends, and feel comfortable in social settings. A white smile is the perfect accessory to wear every day!

What’s the Catch?

There’s really no catch at all. Park South Dentistry will provide you with a complimentary refill of whitening gel as long as you schedule and keep your cleaning appointments every six months. It’s that easy! The refill gives you just enough bleaching product to touch-up your teeth and keep them bright between dental appointments.

Having a beautiful and gorgeous smile is as easy as booking your checkups twice a year. Contact your NYC dentists at Park South Dentistry today to schedule!

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