Family Style Dentistry

Are you a parent that juggles work, school events, sports practices and social outings on a regular basis? For large families especially, it can seem impossible to get everyone scheduled for their dental appointments without conflicts or the cost of childcare. Fortunately, dental practices such as Park South Dentistry are tuned in to the hectic lives of families these days and offer convenient family block appointments to meet your needs. After all, neglecting to attend routine dental appointments can result in more timely and costly dental problems down the road.

Not only does Park South Dentistry provide scheduling ease and flexibility for families, they also provide a wide range of dental services so that your family can all be together, getting top quality and comprehensive care, under one roof. For busy families, it is important to find a dental practice that can not only offer preventative dentistry to all ages, but also orthodontics to your teen and restorative dentistry for yourself or your husband as well. When you choose a dental practice that values family patients, you will benefit from a few key advantages in receiving dental care.

Convenience – As stated earlier, convenience is key when you are a large family whose members are going different directions on a daily basis. With one location providing family block appointments for preventative, cosmetic, restorative and orthodontic dental care, families are far more likely to get the treatment they deserve within the time frame they need.

Assurance – With everyone in your family seeing the same dentist, you build a trustworthy relationship that holds high value in healthcare. In addition, it is proven that a child’s dental anxiety is lessened significantly when they witness their parents getting dental care from the same dentist they will see themselves.

Efficiency – Without the need to recount family medical history over and over again and fill out paperwork or pay for each individual family member’s dental visit, parents save valuable time and gain efficiency by making family block appointments at one office.

The fact that family schedules are becoming more and more busy is consistently growing. However, the need for professional, quality dental care will stay the same. If you need a dental practice that offers family block appointments and comprehensive dental services in order to get the oral care your family needs, then it is important to find a dental home that can meet your needs. Your family’s smiles are at stake.

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