Drinks That Ruin Teeth

Besides water, there really is not a foolproof beverage choice to protect your teeth. We all need to do the basics by engaging in daily dental hygiene and dental checkups to ward off harmful bacteria, plaque build-up and yellowing on our teeth. However, there are definitely some drinks that are worse than others in terms of damaging your vital tooth enamel. When it comes to choosing a beverage that will not harm your smile, there are a few factors to consider. The sugar content, acidity and color of your drink will provide you with biggest clues as to whether your teeth will approve. Here are some top drinks to be aware of:

Coffee and Tea
This dark drink may a vital part of your morning routine, but it is important to realize that your “pick me up” may come with a price – stained teeth. Of course coffee addicts can keep the staining at bay if they use a straw or follow their morning cup of Joe with lots of water consumption. If the damage is done or you need to maintain a bright, white smile amid your coffee habit, consult Park South Dentistry for a professional teeth-whitening treatment.
Carbonated soft drinks possess very high levels of sugar and acidity, both of which are devastating for your teeth. Sodas can damage your tooth enamel and easily lead to decay. You can cut the sugar with sugar-free sodas, but the acid level is still present to wreak havoc on your pearly whites over time.
Would your teeth agree with your alcoholic beverage of choice? Alcohol brings all three damaging factors to the table. Alcohol is high in sugar and some white wines can be highly acidic. Furthermore, your favorite red wine will begin to stain your smile before you know it and even beer consumed frequently can yellow your teeth.
Energy or Sports Drinks
This may surprise you, but this category is probably the biggest nightmare for your teeth. With the worst in sugar levels and acidity, energy drinks will strongly attack your tooth enamel. Unfortunately, when your tooth enamel is worn down, it does not replace itself and the invitation for decay is wide open.

Again, we all know that drinking only water throughout the day, although it would be best for your health, is not realistic. However, it is most important to at least be aware of the dental health consequences if you consume any of these drinks in excess. Drinking through a straw and having a glass of water immediately following your indulgence can help dramatically.

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