Could a Routine Dental Cleaning Stop Your Bad Breath?

Bad breath, otherwise known as halitosis, can be a serious setback to your social confidence. However, bad breath can also be an indication that your oral health needs attention. Chronic bad breath is more than just the aftermath of eating onions or garlic at your last meal. Foul breath odor on a regular basis typically means you have an excess of oral bacteria in the mouth – and this can be reversed!

Halitosis and Oral Bacteria

Bad breath can be caused by several factors, including dry mouth, untreated gum disease, severe decay and poor oral hygiene. In each of these cases, however, there is an excess of oral bacteria present that is triggering the stinky breath odor. When oral bacteria lingers in the mouth, it feeds on the sugars we consume. During the process, a foul-smelling sulfur compound is released. Therefore, shutting down bad breath is most often done by first eliminating excess bacteria and plaque in the mouth.

How a Routine Dental Visit Can Help

If you notice bad breath, it is important to take action in your oral hygiene routine. More diligent brushing and flossing often be the key to fresher breath. However, you should know that when bacteria and plaque have accumulated for a period of time, a professional dental cleaning may be necessary to eliminate the buildup. Once plaque has hardened, only a cleaning from your dentist can remove it. This can stop your bad breath, as well as help prevent cavities and gum disease.

During a routine dental visit, you’ll get more than just a thorough cleaning. We take x-rays, screen for oral cancer and track the condition of your gums and teeth over time. It is an excellent time to discuss concerns ranging from bad breath and sensitive teeth to that unsightly tooth gap that you wish you could fix.

At Park South Dentistry, we are proud to offer complete preventative dental care for all ages, as well as restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. When it comes to bad breath, don’t ignore it and don’t be ashamed to mention it to your dentist. In most cases, your halitosis can be easily reversed – often with a simple dental cleaning at our office. Call now to schedule your appointment!

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