Considering an Oral Piercing? Know This First

Piercings may seem like a great way to express yourself or compliment your style, but when piercings involve your mouth, they bring serious risks to your dental health and overall health. Oral piercings can involve lip rings, tongue bars and any type of metal or jewelry pierced through the tissues of the mouth. Not only do oral piercings interfere with your everyday dental functions, but they can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.

Here are some major drawbacks you should be aware of before you take the plunge on an oral piercing:

Because your mouth is dark and moist, it contains millions of bacteria. When an oral piercing is not carefully and frequently sanitized and cleaned, it can lead to a painful infection. You may experience discomfort and swelling, and if not treated, the infection can be life threatening! In addition, the National Institute of Health identified oral piercings as a possible factor in the transmission of hepatitis.
Allergic Reaction
You may not know you have a metal allergy until you get an oral piercing. Unfortunately, the allergic response in this case can be quick and severe. Swelling of the tongue is possible, which can block your airway and restrict breathing.
Speech, Swallowing and Chewing Problems
You may consider your mouth piercing as an aesthetic investment. But you should know that piercings of the tongue, lips or uvula can interfere with speech, your ability to chew properly or your normal swallowing motions. All of the sudden, your oral piercing can change the way you conduct everyday dental functions.
Bad Breath and Drooling
Who wants to be known as the one with bad breath or the person that drools excessively? Foreign objects in the mouth tend to increase your body’s natural saliva production, so this is a real possibility. In addition, the extra bacteria that may linger around your oral jewelry can contribute to foul breath odor.
Dental Damage
Last but certainly not least, your oral piercing is likely to cause damage to your teeth or your dental work (fillings or crowns), especially if you have the habit of “playing” with your piercing or biting down on it. From fractured teeth and receding gums to nerve damage and more, your mouth jewelry simply may not be worth the risk of costly dental repairs.

At Park South Dentistry, we do our best to educate patients on healthy dental habits to protect their teeth and gums. However, if an oral piercing has already caused damage or concern within your smile, you can trust our team of dentists to handle it with the excellence you deserve. Call now to book your appointment in New York.

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