Benefits of a Custom Athletic Mouthguard

Did you know that sports related injuries account for three times more facial and dental injuries than violence or traffic accident? Athletes are sixty times more likely to suffer dental trauma when not wearing a mouthguard! Mouthguards aren’t just for boxers or football players. There are countless sports that involve mouth injury risk. Is your child’s smile protected while on the playing field?

The American Dental Association recommends wearing a properly fitted mouthguard during sports to help prevent injury to the teeth, jaw and oral soft tissues (mouth, lip, tongue, or inner lining of the cheeks). There are even studies that suggest that mouthguards help prevent concussions in youth sports.

While you may be convinced on the importance of mouthguards, many parents want to know which type is best. It is true that wearing a store-bought mouthguard is better than not wearing one at all. However, you should know the drawbacks to the typical “boil-and-bite” mouthguard.

Reasons to Get Your Mouthguard From Your Dentist

A mouthguard that is custom fabricated by your dentist will be designed to fit over every unique crevice and groove of your child’s smile. A custom athletic mouthguard is superior in the following categories:

Stay in Place:  A custom guard is the only way to get a truly exact fit, which obviously helps the mouthguard stay in place. Wearing a mouthguard during sports doesn’t involve sitting still. Your child will be running, jumping and moving around quite a bit. Therefore, it is extremely important that you choose a mouthguard that fits properly and won’t slip out of place.

Comfort: Just like clothes, shoes or anything else that you ask your child to wear, they won’t consider it if it is uncomfortable. No one wants to be distracted and bothered by a bulky or poorly fit mouthguard, especially when trying to compete.

Ability to Speak, Drink and Breathe Easily: You never want your child’s mouthguard to prevent him or her from talking to teammates, taking a quick sip of water or getting easy breaths of oxygen. A custom fit mouthguard can often allow your child to do all of these things without having to remove the oral appliance.

Durability: It is true that you’ll be putting in a bigger investment for a custom athletic mouthguard from your dentist. However, it’s important to consider the return on your investment. A custom mouthguard is made of higher quality materials and offers more durability and lifespan than most mouthguards purchased at a sporting goods store. In addition, once a mouthguard gets worn down (or chewed on), it loses its protective capabilities.

If you are ready to protect your smile during sports, call Park South Dentistry in New York. Getting a custom mouthguard only takes a brief office visit to allow us to take an impression of your teeth.

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