Athletic Mouthguards: Custom Vs. Store-Bought

When it comes to dental-related injuries and contact sports, the statistics are staggering. While mouthguards were once only used for boxing or football, they are now increasingly popular in other contact sports such as basketball, lacrosse and more. If your child is an active athlete where a mouth injury could occur, a custom sports mouthguard could be one of the most important pieces of equipment you buy.

Mouthguards are intended to protect kids and adults from chipped teeth, avulsed (knock out) teeth, jaw injury and cheek/lip lacerations. It has even been found that an athletic mouthguard helps to lower the risk for concussion in youth sports! By making the investment in a sports mouthguard, you’ll be protecting your child’s smile as well as protecting your wallet, as dental injuries can be quite costly.

You’ll find that you can get an athletic mouthguard at your local sporting goods store or pharmacy. While wearing a store-bought model is certainly better than not wearing one at all, you should know there are some key benefits to choosing a custom mouthguard from your dentist. A custom athletic mouthguard may be more expensive than a “boil-and-bite” guard you get at the store, but you’ll reap the following:

Superior Protection
A mouthguard that is fabricated by your dentist is one that takes into account your unique smile and bite, including each crevice and groove of your teeth. This means it will fit snugly, and be able to better protect your teeth during a traumatic injury.
Maximum Comfort
Many kids who wear store-bought mouthguards tend to play with them or take them in and out during the game. This is often because their mouthguard is too bulky to keep comfortably in place. A custom mouthguard, however, should fit so comfortably that breathing and even speaking is easy while wearing the appliance.
Better Durability
Lastly, a mouthguard from your dentist utilizes materials that are higher in quality and more durable than store-bought mouthguards. This means you’ll get longer use out of it, without the break down or premature wear that could leave your child’s smile less protected.
Best for Braces
Many children and teens are undergoing orthodontic treatment. This makes it even more important to wear a mouthguard during sports. Custom craftsmanship from your dentist ensures that the mouthguard fits comfortably over your child’s braces so that expensive smile-straightening appliances aren’t damaged or cause damage.

Ready to protect your child’s growing smile with a custom sports mouthguard this year? Call Park South Dentistry. It is a quick and painless appointment that you’ll be glad you made.

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