Amalgam Fillings Versus Composite Fillings

When it comes to repairing an area of tooth decay, metal fillings were the treatment of choice for many years. While this type of filling can effectively restore a damaged tooth, amalgam (metal) fillings come with several notable drawbacks. Fortunately, patients can avoid these concerns by choosing composite fillings, a tooth-colored alternative to metal fillings.

Drawbacks of Metal Fillings

The most obvious disadvantage is the unsightly appearance of amalgam fillings. Everyone knows you’ve had a cavity when your big laugh flashes shiny metal on your back molars. However, aesthetics isn’t the only concern.

Metal fillings are also known for developing decay beneath the fillings as the metal material expands and contracts due to temperance changes over time. In addition, there is a widespread concern over the mercury content found in metal fillings, which many view as a threat to one’s overall health. Due to do the worry of toxins and unattractive appearance of amalgam fillings, it is common for patients to want to replace their old metal fillings for a newer and better alternative.

The Benefits of Composite Fillings

The latest and most preferred choice in dental fillings is composite resin. They are also known as “tooth colored fillings,” which immediately puts patients at ease about their appearance. Composite resin is a white plastic and glass mixture that is highly suitable for repairing damage on a tooth as well as providing a more natural looking appearance. Composite fillings can be precisely shaded to match the color of the treated tooth, making the area of restoration undetectable from the rest of the tooth. In addition, composite resin is highly durable and doesn’t crack or leak like amalgam. In fact, composite resin can also be used to make cosmetic corrections on the front teeth, such as filling in small gaps or repairing a minor chip.

Are you concerned or embarrassed by your metal fillings? Talk to the dental experts of Park South Dentistry. We pursue the latest material, techniques and technology in modern dentistry, which includes superior treatment options in dental fillings. Call Park South Dentistry today to learn more about tooth-colored fillings for your smile.

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