Alternatives to Traditional Flossing

Flossing is an essential part of your dental hygiene routine. In fact, without flossing in between your teeth each day, you would leave nearly 35% of your tooth’s structure unclean. This gives bacteria, plaque and food debris a chance to accumulate and cause infection and disease within your teeth and gums. Still, there are many people who skip this critical dental care task. For some, it is because the act of flossing is too difficult or frustrating.

There are many reasons why traditional dental floss can be cumbersome. Wrapping a tiny thread of floss around your fingers and flossing between tight spaces in your mouth isn’t an easy task for everyone. Whether it is a small child or an aging adult, here are some factors that can make flossing a challenge:

  • Lack of dexterity or coordination
  • Unsteady hands
  • Poor eyesight
  • Severe gag reflex
  • Short attention span

Easier Options in Flossing

If traditional floss is not your thing, don’t worry. You don’t have to give up altogether. Modern dentistry has provided several flossing alternatives that can often be found at your local pharmacy or drug store. Factors such as the patient’s age and whether or not they have braces or prosthetic teeth can influence which one is best. Here are four of the most popular flossing alternatives:

  • Interdental Brush
  • Water Flosser
  • Floss Pick
  • Floss Threader

At Park South Dentistry, we encourage patients to find dental hygiene tools that are easy to use as well as effective. If you are having trouble flossing with traditional floss, please let us know. We can explain the differences in each flossing option and help you make the best choice.

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