Affordable Ways to Enhance Your Selfies

Selfies, a term that originated in 2013, have exploded as the one of the most popular trends of our culture. Whether you prefer to post pictures of yourself on social media or privately text your personal snapshot, the overall goal is to capture the most appealing image of yourself. Smartphone filters can only do so much to create that perfect selfie. There’s another cost-effective way to dramatically improve your selfie game, and it’s found at your dental office.

Cosmetic dentistry continues to be increasingly sought after, perhaps aligning with these modern selfie trends. You may know that cosmetic dentistry is designed to improve the appearance of your smile. But did you know that there are some very cost-effective services in cosmetic dentistry, including those that can be game-changers for your selfie obsession.

When it comes to affordably improving your selfie game at the dentist, we recommend the following two options:

Professional Teeth Whitening
Toss your store-bought whitening kits to the side for a safer and more effective teeth bleaching treatment from your dentist. In as little as an hour, you can remove dingy stains and lighten your teeth by several shades. Teeth whitening can be considered a cost-effective anti-aging treatment as well, as whiter teeth can take years off of your appearance.
Tooth-Colored Bonding
A skilled cosmetic dentist can use composite resin bonding to fill in minor chips and tooth gaps as well as reshape an unsightly tooth or cover up a stubborn stain. Best of all, it can be completed in minutes without discomfort. Dental bonding is another budget-friendly solution in cosmetic dentistry.

If you are really wanting to ramp up your selfie game, you may consider a full smile makeover. This may involve porcelain veneers, implants or bridges. However, you’ll be surprised at how much a single teeth whitening treatment or bonding procedure can boost your followers and fans!

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