Adults and Cavities

You may think that children are the only ones at real risk for cavities. The truth is, however, adults are just as likely to get tooth decay. In fact, aging adults encounter specific oral health problems that can put them at a threat for cavities. It is important to find a dentist, such as Park South Dentistry, who focuses on caring for your teeth through all stages of life. You need to be specifically aware of the dental complications that are associated with aging and be ready to combat these problems effectively. Dry mouth and gum problems are two common culprits to adult cavities.

Dry Mouth
It is very common for aging adults to suffer from dry mouth. This can be a side effect of a certain medication or a symptom of another medical condition. Regardless of the cause, a lack of saliva can present problems in your mouth beyond that uncomfortable ‘cotton mouth’ feeling. Saliva is essential to clean your teeth after meals and neutralize harmful acids in your mouth. Dry mouth is associated with a higher risk of gum disease and tooth decay.
Receding Gums
Adults face gum problems more than children. If your gum tissue is damaged, swollen or exposing the roots of your teeth, you need to seek professional dental treatment. Receding gums can be an open invitation to harmful, cavity causing bacteria.

As you age, you become more susceptible to developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease. Many of these conditions will manifest themselves in the mouth. It is essential that you keep your routine dental appointments, which will include cleaning and x-rays, so that your dentist can treat any dental problems early and help determine if your symptoms are indications of a more serious overall health condition. Park South Dentistry is well equipped and qualified to specifically help older adults prevent and treat cavities as well as other dental health problems.

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